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Jason Bennison has always enjoyed the limelight, as shown on various posts made on his Bailiff Help Forum over the years, where he refers to his alleged involvement in various productions, without being specific what they are or when and where they can be seen. This new website of his is intended to give the impression of an official resource, right down to its emulating the look and feel of the .gov website, yet he goes and spoils it all with his picture on the front page, and then with this other page, suggesting that, perhaps, he expects to be hired as an “actor” of sorts rather than running a bailiff advice service, as he claims to be doing. On his Media Enquiries page, we have this nugget:

Media Enquiries

As founder of National Bailiff Advice, an impartial non-government funded advice service for people faced with bailiffs, I am available for comment for Radio and TV about current affairs on matters concerning civil enforcement in England & Wales.

My previous media engagements include BBC, Sky News, radio programmes and participated in TV documentary investigations about rogue bailiff companies.

I am based in the Philippines, but available for UK public speaking engagements about civil enforcement industry matters.

National Bailiff Advice Media Enquiries

Having searched high and low for copies of Jason Bennison’s media engagements, it’s like searching for the end of a rainbow, it just doesn’t exist! Jason Bennison has posted a photo of himself and announces that he is based halfway round the world in the Philippines, hardly a suitable location for him to provide assistance to individuals who may wish to engage his services for legal representation, which he is not qualified to offer in the first place.

Paying a £35 telephone consultation fee can also be a little difficult, if you are unfortunate to have a bailiff visit or find your car immobilised at 6pm, Mr Bennison is not likely to welcome a telephone consultation from you, he will be curled up in bed (it will be 2am in the Philippines).

And what are we to make of this comment?

I am based in the Philippines, but available for UK public speaking engagements about civil enforcement industry matters.

Sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

Mr Bennison has another website (www.Dealingwithbailiffs.co.uk). In 2014, that website also had a media enquiries page. Time to compare that version of the page:

As the author of Dealing with Bailiffs I am sometimes contacted by the UK media for a contribution for making of television documentaries and news articles; however, as I am based in Dubai with limited availability.

For on-camera interviews, I can meet you or your representative for a studio interview at Dubai Media Centre (DMC) located opposite Ibn Battuta Metro, or at my home in Jumeirah Village. To arrange a meeting, please call me on xxxx or email me. In the UK I can be interviewed at my home in West London.

Do you get any complaints about dealing with bailiffs?

All complaints about site content are looked at and any legal argument addressed, and anything that is wrong, will be put right or removed completely.

Unfortunately complaints tend to be unhelpful and made to be insulting comments against me. The most common complaint is from High Court Offices who are dissatisfied at my advice to debtors on rule 12 disbursements.

The next common complaint is by enforcement contractors collecting unpaid court fines who are unhappy with my advice to debtors on how to recover bailiff fees for unpaid court fines in the small claims court

I sometimes get solicitors windup letters at my West London address. They tend to be fruitcake in nature and usually end up the Law Society or the SRA for containing factual errors of law or malicious statements. The investigation usually concludes that a solicitor has made a genuine mistake or it is the work of an impersonator

There is considerable risk on the part of the solicitor as other websites publish solicitor’s threat letters on the Internet which exposes the solicitor or his firm to public ridicule.

This website was originally hosted in the UK but the hosting company was repeatedly threatened with legal action which necessitated its move offshore. Somebody even contacted IICANN trying to censor the domain name to UK internet traffic and force search engines to de-list the website in their rankings.

Dealing with Bailiffs media enquiries page in 2014

Note how he was still pretending to be living in Dubai, just like he has been pretending to live in the Philippines. It’s very hard to believe that any “representative” of any media outlet would be so interested in Bennison for him to be willing to travel all the way to Dubai just to meet with him. Yet another fantasy of his, or more than one to be precise, as we all know he wasn’t really in Dubai at the time this was written, nor is there any evidence of his alleged involvement in all those media productions.


Prank shows

Using live enforcement cases, working either in character or impersonating the debtor, I am available for staged live telephone calls winding up hapless bailiffs caught breaching regulations, or rubbing up a malfeasant civil servant in public office. These may be for TV and Radio entertainment shows as well as YouTube channels.

National Bailiff Advice Media Enquiries

If Mr Bennison wants the public to take his website seriously, he has ruined everything with this comment. He should take advice from this man:

Jeremy Beadle (You’ve Been Framed) and Ali G come to mind. Winding up a bailiff is one thing, but ‘rubbing up’ a civil servant? Now that has a sexual sound to it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frotteurism

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  1. Jason Bennison August 22, 2018 at 9:55 am - Reply

    The reason he goes on about living abroad, is because no one would indemnify him for cocking up at home.

    He thinks that by pretending to live in Dubai or the Philippines he secures himself from any personal action against him.

  2. Busy Bee August 22, 2018 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Having had the displeasure to read a few of the pages from the National Bailiff Advice website, I would add the following:

    There has been a deliberate attempt made by Jason Bennison to mislead the public into believing that the site is a government backed or endorsed website when instead; it is another attempt by him (yes, there have been others) to pass of his business as somebody else’s. The shocking similarities with a government website are outlined on this page.

    Trading Standards have been informed:


    The public need to be aware that in 2014, the government completely overhauled the enforcement industry. By and large, enforcement of debts by bailiffs has significantly improved. That is NOT to say that further improvements are not needed because they are. One of the fundamental aims by the government when introducing the Taking Control of Goods regulations in 2014 was to eliminate ‘aggressive’ behaviour by bailiffs. This new website of Jason Bennison’s will singlehandedly be responsible for ensuring that ‘aggressive’ behaviour continues. The way in which he does this is quite simple;

    He tries to mislead the public into believing that bailiffs (and police) are committing widespread fraud or corruption and that the majority of visits or actions by bailiffs are ILLEGAL.

    He will inform the public to NEVER EVER pay a bailiff and to pay the council or the court direct. When this advice fails (which it always does) and a further visit takes place, he will encourage the naive debtor to ISSUE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS to recover any bailiffs fees that they have had to pay. He will offer (for a personal fee of between £250 and £1,000) to ‘draft’ the proceedings and to ‘pass the case to a solicitor’. The unsuspecting debtor will not realise, that no solicitor in the country would allow anybody else to ‘draft’ proceedings under their name. For one thing, their indemnity insurance would not allow it.

    Any money paid to Jason Bennison would have been money down the drain and given that he RESIDES IN THE PHILIPPINES….would be impossible to recover.

    Ask Jason Bennison to provide EVIDENCE of successful court cases and you will be met with a wall of silence or he will claim ‘client confidentially’. There are NO reports of court victories….none at all. Instead, there are many reports of clients of his being many thousands of pounds out of pocket after significant court failures…the worst of which concerned a client of his who believed Mr Bennison’s ‘theory’ that paying the council direct would mean that bailiff fees would not be owed. That case (Bola v London Borough of Harrow and Newlyn Plc) was of significant importance (a short analysis of the case is below). The debtor lost many thousands of pounds.


    Despite the judgment and the comments from the Judge, Jason Bennison continues to advise debtors to pay the council or court direct (minus bailiff fees). So why does he do it? There are two reasons:

    He earns a significant income by encouraging niave debtors to issue legal proceedings and claiming that the solicitors practise that he supposedly refers cases to, require HIM to ‘draft the proceedings’ for them (which is plainly untrue).

    Secondly, he craves litigation, absolutely craves it. It is like an illness. Members of the public need to be warned.

  3. Buyer Beware September 11, 2018 at 11:46 pm - Reply

    The website is littered with ‘template’ symbols. Naive debtors would no doubt click on the symbol expecting to be able to download a template letter. They would be in for a disappointment.

    Instead, they will be met by this message from Jason Bennison encouraging them to pay £35:


I am working as hard as I can to build the latest template library of over 300 documents, letters and forms to deal with almost any kind of bailiff issue, but it all takes time.

    For the time being I OFFER A FIXED FEE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION FOR JUST £35 where I can give immediate first-hand tailored help on your specific circumstances. All you need to do is gather as much information and documents as you can, then if your case is non-urgent, write a first-person account of the chronology of the events leading up to the bailiff problem. Otherwise just upload your documents to the form and call me, I’ll be able to see them on-screen during our discussion.

    I CAN GIVE YOU ALL THE TIPS AND TRICKS TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY out of your bailiff problem, which I cannot give on public websites. It’s all legal, but publishing the methodologies to bailiff company solicitors would undermine your claim.

    I have over 10 years of helping people with bailiff problems, whether on Internet discussion groups providing free help, telephone helplines and working as a paralegal preparing bailiff related court papers for solicitors who rely on my specific skills and knowledge in civil enforcement regulations and case law.

    Since 2012 I HAVE WORKED ON OVER 4000 CASES relating to bailiff matters and bringing a remedy for debtors, and innocent people aggrieved by malfeasant bailiff action.


In complex cases, I can refer you to specialist solicitors and barristers with experience in your particular case, prepare your claim documents and represent you at court. Even if you are on a low income, your case meets certain criteria and cannot get Legal Aid, I can make a referral to the Bar Pro-Bono Unit who can provide you with free representation provided a barrister will do the work. 

I have worked on a several thousand informal enquiries on Internet discussion groups, but this method of advice-giving is in decline, AND THE NUMBER OF PRIVATE CLIENTS HAVE INCREASED because I can give better quality work and bring down costs.


When you are ready to start the process of bringing the action and get the money back into your pocket, your car recovered from the pound, or just need advice on your bailiff matter, let’s crack on!

    To conclude; Members of the public need to be aware that if they pay this fee, the call will divert to the Philippines where he lives. The local time in the Philippines is 8 hours ahead of UK time so don’t expect him to answer your call after around 1pm (9pm in the Philippines).

    His ‘claim’ to having ‘worked on over 4,000 cases since 2012’ is to be taken with a very large pinch of salt. The Philippine sun has probably affected his memory.

    And last but not least.Think twice about uploading any documents to Jason Bennison. There appears to be no trace of him or his website on the Information Commissioners database. This is in breach of the Data Protection regulations.

  4. Moji April 12, 2019 at 9:41 am - Reply

    So why is he not arrested because is a crime. He send me a message yesterday to pay £35 via paypal for telephone conversation.

    • Fly on the wall April 12, 2019 at 10:06 am - Reply

      Did the payment slip by any chance mention whose PayPal account the payment of £35 was to be made to? How did you initially make contact with him?

  5. Resurrection October 15, 2019 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    Jason Bennison now has the username ‘zeke’ on the former Bailiff Help Forum (aka Bailiff Advice) Both the forum titles have undergone a further makeover and it is now called ‘BailiffTalk’. Under it’s banner there is a suggestion it is incorporated with ‘Action For Justice UK Ltd’ which is rather strange given that that particular company was never owned by him but nevertheless, it also ceased to exist as of 8th October 2019. Just to add to the confusion Jason Bennison is now calling himself JAY CARPENTER and re-entering the world of will writing /estate planning.

  6. Queen October 18, 2019 at 3:37 pm - Reply

    I had nothing better to do, so I thought I would access some of Bennisons advice forums.

    He produces the same inane views time after time it seems. Even after these ideas are thrown out of court, with heavy costs against his “clients”?

  7. Christine October 23, 2019 at 1:50 am - Reply

    bonfire night is just around the corner, I know a silly-billy called Peter Bardsley from Stalybridge who blew his finger off messing with a firework. How he manages to create this website and write all this garb is anyones guess.

  8. Phillip October 24, 2019 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    Christine.. any relation to David lindley, I only ask because what you havw written seems just as if it is another confidentiality he has broken?

  9. Jason B October 25, 2019 at 11:53 am - Reply

    David Blindley – another led through seemingly stupid to re-enanct the aims of the few who wanted to taunt him but blame others for doing so.

  10. Dodge October 29, 2019 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    It seems like Zeke is referring to my wife

    Because he cannot answer any of the indictments both on here and elsewhere. It is an old tactic of Jason’s.. to intimidate in this way. The personal abuse comes next.

    This doesn,t stop us from teĺing the truth about his activities,nor will it ever Heard it all from him before.

  11. Resurrection October 30, 2019 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=109309866812035&set=picfp.100031990653290&type=3&theater Such a pretty young lady, Lets hope he hasn’t given her a load of his lying speil.

  12. Queen February 13, 2020 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    Answer to PM Message, “Why should I not believe the Bennison site”.

    Well it is because that site has the same owner/adviser as Bailiff help Fortum, Dealing with Bailiffs, and Screw the Bailiffs.
    Sadly this persons desire to battle bailiffs is not marched by any legal expertise.

    Mr Bennison is a discharged bankrupt.
    There is A reason he lives in the philippines. Actually there are three.

    One is to avoid his creditors, Mr Bennison is a recently discharged bankrupt, who despite having £50,000 written off, still; has many personal debts. Two is to avoid any past clients, and three is to escape the fallout his advice often brings to future clients like yourself.

    There is good free advice available, on the .Gov website or through the approved recognisable agencies, or if you want the personal touch there is the Consumer Action Group. Greatly maligned by Mr Bennison because they offer informed advice at no cost.

    Any doubts about this chap, please look here bailiffhelpforumarewrongagain.com/ This forum is designed to warn people like yourself.

    Whatever you do, please . Do not be conned into taking legal action, unless you are advised by a solicitor, it really should be the last resort.

    Do not part with any money, unless it is to a legally qualified Solicitors, certified by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.(SRA)

    Good Luck

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